KST Data was founded in 1990 with a commitment to partner with clients to provide them with the right technology when and how they need it.

Innovative Supply Chain framework solutions and IT Delivery models made KST Data a strategic partner. KST Data offers clients a range of logistics, financing, and warehousing options that allow them to pre-stage and deliver differentiated asset centric solutions. This allows KST Data to have assets available on demand and impervious to supply chain risks. Implementations go beyond deployment to support the operationalization and optimization of systems and processes throughout their lifecycle, bringing the true value of digital transformation to clients. KST Data understands how to phase out technology and integrate new systems and processes while avoiding rip-and-replace inefficiencies, which allows clients to get the most out of their investments.

Clients also benefit from KST Data’s stable and motivated workforce. A minority-owned business, KST Data has recruited and retained a diverse team that represents the industry’s best. The ‘customer first’ culture of the company extends to its clients. KST Data works with its clients as partners, aligned to achieve the best results with consistent teams servicing clients.

Additionally, business ethics is baked into all of KST Data’s interactions with people and the environment. Ethical organizational values, standards, and principles direct how employees engage with clients, management, and each other. KST Data’s commitment to the environment is reflected in its exclusive selection of environmentally responsible vendors. And KST Data helps its clients derive value from its assets while being environmentally responsible with a continuing focus on upcycling, a critical IT lifecycle service designed to help clients disposition of obsolete IT assets.