Print Management Solutions

KST Data’s managed print solutions are custom-built to meet clients’ unique requirements with a standardized fleet of printer and copier assets from any OEM.

This, coupled with tools and processes, ensures service is effective and consistent, and that security requirements for connected devices are met. The result is a reduction in output costs that ranges from 20-40%. KST Data also offers mobile printing, and FollowMe solutions, allowing users to submit print jobs from any device without a connection to the company network and accessing them across all entitled or customer-enabled devices. KST Data’s print services include:

  • Best-in-breed, multi-OEM solutions
  • Security of devices in the office and in remote locations
  • Fleet assessment and TCO (total cost of ownership) analysis
  • Fleet optimization, deployment, and management services
  • Monitoring, tracking, and reporting services
  • Cost-per-page utility models
  • Proactive break/fix, preventative maintenance, and supplies replenishment services
  • Helpdesk integration
  • Document workflow and process integration services

With KST Data’s managed print solutions, clients can buy or lease printer assets and leverage on-demand print services with a flexible, cost-effective bill-by-the-page model. Regardless of the model, KST Data manages the cost of hardware, consumables, maintenance, and services to optimize the output fleet by leveraging the right technology and processes.